Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 59) – Hell: The Sequel (review – 77%) – 2011

14 Juin , 2016  


Ce n’est pas un mauvais album, loin de là, mais quand on suit Eminem et Royce depuis 2002, on a de quoi être déçu. Leur album est vraiment sorti 10 ans trop tard et le type de sons qu’ils faisaient à l’époque de leurs débuts ne sera plus jamais retrouvé. Néanmoins, il y a tout de même quelques bons voir très bons sons et surtout des passages assez épiques ! Niveau prod il y a Echo et Above The Law que j’ai bien aimé.


Fast Lane

Maybe you should listen when I flip the linguistics
Cause when I rip this mystical slick shit
You don’t wanna become another victim, a statistic of this shit

Shorty, when you dance, you got me captivated
Just by the way that you keep licking them dick-sucking lips, I’m agitated
Aggravated to the point you don’t suck my dick, then you’re gonna get decapitated
Other words, you don’t fucking give me head, then I’m have to take it



The Reunion

Hymne aux salopes.

Shut the fuck up now, or get your feelings hurt, worse than my last chick when I accidentally butt dialed her
And she heard me spreading AIDS rumors about her



She said I’m mad at you, I said why?
She said why you never make songs for chicks as if it’s hard to do?
I said I make songs for me, leave the studio
And go and fuck the bitch who belong to who making songs for you

(Royce Da 59)


Above The Law

These weak rappers want to set us up, they never tough
They ask me for a hook, I tell ’em left or right, head or gut?

(Royce Da 59)


A Kiss

A one night stand is all he wants with a female fan, yeah, one like Stan
He’s so ’bout a one nightstand
His bedroom has two lamps and only one nightstand




Had a dream I was king, I woke up, still king



I stop when I’m at the very top
You shitted on me on your way up, it’s ’bout to be a scary drop

(Royce Da 59)


Take From Me

Royce parle de ses ‘amis’ qui lui demandent souvent de l’argent.

Please look at these expenses, these niggas expensive
If I gotta lend you money every time I see you just to be your friend bitch, I don’t really need your friendship


Eminem est frustré par ceux qui leakent ses chansons, et explique que c’est tout ce qui lui tient à coeur avec sa fille, et qu’avec la qualité des sons qu’il sort il voudrait au moins qu’on respecte sa musique et ne pas la fuiter.


Loud Noises

Life handed me lemons, I jumped back in the public eye
And squirted lemon juice in it by now you just wish I’d fuckin’ die




I told these stupid hoes when I come back I’ma set this bitch on fire!
And this time I don’t mean I’mma pour gasoline on some chick and light her



First time I seen a desert eagle I was letting the .44 buss, the .44 pop
The first time you seen one, you was eating coco puffs, looking at Robocop

(Royce Da 59)



No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. “Welcome 2 Hell” Havoc, Magnedo7* 2:57
2. “Fast Lane” Supa Dups, Eminem*, JG* 4:09
3. “The Reunion” Sid Roams, Eminem* 4:50
4. “Above the Law” Mr. Porter 3:29
5. “I’m on Everything” (featuring Mike Epps) Mr. Porter 4:31
6. “A Kiss” Bangladesh, BranNu 4:34
7. “Lighters” (featuring Bruno Mars) Eminem, The Smeezingtons, Battle Roy 5:03
8. “Take from Me” Mr. Porter, 56* 3:25
9. “Loud Noises” (featuring Slaughterhouse) Mr. Porter, Eminem* 4:20



A écouter:

Above The Law (77,79)

Echo (77,52)

Take From Me (77,30)

Lighters (76,96)

Kiss (76,31)

Fast Lane (75,53)




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