Albums reviews #06

12 Fév , 2012  


Russ – Apollo 13

Uptown Swuite – Beneath the Lights

V-Zilla – Interview With A Monster



Dr B – Just So You Know

Faze Blue le’goon – Life’s Hassles

Felly – Bridges EP

J-Coop _ PimpTightPlaya

J. Lately – One Way Ticket

J. Leon & Rasta B – Sessions Of Leon Squared!

Logikally Speaking – Soundtrack To A Somber Day

Lone Ninja – Fatal Peril

Melodious Monk – Visiting Detroit

MIDIFLASH – Pleased To Beat You

Rashid Hadee – Aural Sex The Search For Pinky Tuscadero

Ruthless & Redskull – The Archaeology Takeover

Sean Born – Behind The Scale

TAJAI – Machine Language

Thaddeus David – Maven

Triple Threat – Koontown Killing Kaper Soundtrack



Dirty Hank %2B Reason – The Monty Brogan EP

dREN dOH – Have The Dren Doh To Pay

DRLCTS – 1st Day Of Cool EP

Foodie – Were Doomed!

FUBAR – Volcano Wakes Up! Vol. 2

Kj Hamilton – Aspiring MC Vol. II

Synonym vs Si-Klon – Celestial Frequency Shift


Faites tourner !