Afu-Ra – The State Of The Arts (review – 80%) – 2005

14 Juin , 2015  


10 ans aujourd’hui!

Bon album avec quelques tueries. Ca sonne bien Hip-Hop dans l’ensemble, battle, égotrip (mention spéciale à Prankster)… dommage pour la fin de l’album qui est à gerber. Lyricalement c’est du bon, et les prods fait bien passer le tout donc un album très agréable à l’écoute. 



Le petit bijou de l’album sur lequel Afu-Ra et Royce parlent de leur passion pour la musique.



Back in the days, I never snatched pocket books
I just snatch ya mind up with the flow and the hook

That’s right, be on alert, coming faster
Corny mc’s, body snatcher with the rapture
Dismember ya body, like I was a raptor
Tuck ya eyes out, so you can’t see my laughter

Don’t care how many gold and platinum plaques you got
I put my foot in your ass, up in the spot

I swat so many cats, it’s raining birds

Make more noise than a terrorist attack
I’m dangerous like anthrax, my voice burn up the wax
Against the way, I put my self up on the map
I’m a dope MC, I put the squeeze on the dope tracks


Why Cry

Afu-Ra et Gentleman parlent de la misère dans le monde.

Many families going to bed without a decent meal in they table



Il parle de la difficulté de vivre dans le ghetto, entre pauvreté et violences.

But mommy can’t afford the sparkles and dresses
As a matter of fact, kids around here
Need to be walking with a vest on
Cause the quietest streets around here, can be a war zone


Cry Baby

Chanson très mélancolique où il personnifie le Hip-Hop en s’y adressant comme à une femme qui a été maltraitée.

I’m loving everything about you
Mad, cause everybody only wanna use you
Physically and mentally abuse you
Misuse you, and can’t even console you
They only wanna get you dirty, treat you gully
Get ya bloody, uh-huh, it’s not funny
Rappers bring ugly, straight to you

I’m sorry for your mistreatments
Frankly, I know you been mistreated
Fake prophets, false off our favors of filthyness
It’s sillyness, with no love for the culture
Trynna get rich, yeah, it really makes me nautious
They’re the reason, some women, they have abortions

It’s kinda sad, that the toxins are smothering
Youth in the hood, poisoned by instant messages
Materialism, barbarianism, all types of isms
And schisms, by tainted vision
I watched you grow from a seed into a forest
I watered you and watered you, but your flowers are dying

I’m loving your music beautifully
I feel you slippin’ away
Come here girl, uh-uh, can’t have my love gone



Pusha (86,31)



Cry Baby (84,07)

Prankster (83,38)


A écouter:

Livin’ Like Dat (79,17)

Why Cry (78,44)

Ghetto Hell (75,91)



Meilleur thème: Cry Baby

Meilleures instrus: Pusha



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