20 Reasons Why Brotha Lynch Hung Really Needs A Good Layer, Really

1 Nov , 2013  

While more and more rappers are getting arrested for explicit lyrics on their songs, Brotha Lynch Hung is not afraid at all and shares with us some of his hobbies.

All lyrics are from his last album Mannibalector.


This is what happened, I wrapped him up in some plastic

And took ’em home for the acid bath, it was so funny, I have to laugh



I scrape the skin off your back and make a human skin purse



I’mma sit in the back of the car at her job
When she get in car, I’mma attack her jaw
I’mma cut up the face and put her on the face and
Walk out the house with a machete like Jason
Kill her whole family, botox facelift


I’mma take guts out
And I’mma put ’em in the oven, yeah, I’mma heat that, love it



I might just eat your brains to see what’s in your soul


Can I have a napkin? blood on my hands last night guess what happened


Ill put your brains in a basket and take em to ya grandma house in a cup of acid


Bitch drink this acid
Im goin’ to the car and comin bacc with a black plastic


Ive been eatin’ human meat since you been succin mamas titty

(Can I Have A Napkin?)


Cut ’em in half, bloodin’ that ass when I chew ’em

Choppin’ ’em up then I get a brand new one

And I always love it, I just jack off when I’m thinkin’ of it


Cut niggas up, sector by sector
Next to her dead: first cousin and nephew
Next to her head, bloody intestines
Next to her bed, other intestines

(Meat Cleaver)


Must’ve been fucking a dead body cause my pubic hairs is itching


My life’s been something like a horror flick drama
So why you think I left a whole family in the sauna?
Body parts looking like spaghetti sauce, comma


I should make my new name ‘Syphilis’
Ask her if she ever got cannibal teeth bit in clitoris

(Body On The Floor)


After I kill a nigga I pull out the phone and take a quick picture
Niggas call me Sweeney Todd cause I cut ’em up and make Philly steaks
Bend the bones and they really break, then refrigerate, I’m a sixer


I slit that bitch in the wrist when I seen that shit, God is your witness
I watched her bleed all over the couch, then the bitch start screamin’
So I put the duct tape all over her mouth, after death, start eatin’


I’m the reason they keep findin’ things in the harbor
I brag about it, wrote letters to the police, I don’t give a fuck
I put that nine millimeter to your head before they lock me up


Strip ’em butt-naked, eat it for breakfast, bitch, I cut them sections up
You don’t believe it, but they up in the freezer, they all sectioned up


I’m a hostile and it’s possible that I cut you up so much
That it ain’t no need for the hospital

(Sweeney Todd)


I’mma cut the head off, send it to myself in the mail

(Dead Bitch)


Faites tourner !