20 chansons qui font référence à Illmatic

24 Déc , 2017  

AZ – Love Me

Album: 9 Lives
Lyric: “Since Illmatic, this shit started then never departed/I flossed retarded for those lost in the projects/I taught them logic gaining courses in college/Chased dollars but to me what’s most important is knowledge”

Big Sean – First Chain

Album: Hall Of Fame
Lyric: “Big was the first one that had it/Then I saw Nas’ chain, man, that was Illmatic/Then I saw Kanye’s hanging from his gold necklace/Then ‘Ye gave me mine, that show you my work ethic”

Blu – Growing Pains

Rapper: Johaz
Album: Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them
Lyric: « Always told me use my mind, the world is your canvas/Moved in ’94, the same year as Illmatic/Then back to the block with John in elastic/The way he lost his life in that car it was tragic »

Casey Veggies – DTA

Mixtape: Sleepin In Class
Lyric: “Jordans and the gold chain, Illmatic bumpin’/Nas did it first and now I’m ’bout to tell ’em somethin’”

Cormega – Poetry

Mixtape: Hustler/Rapper
Lyric: “Nasty Nas all ya life you praised me/Your daughter might be Jay Z’s/Illmatic was real ’cause you was tryin’ to portray me/Matter of fact, time for Sony to pay me”

Eminem – Careful What You Wish For

Album: Relapse
Lyric: “The Marshall Mathers was a classic, The Eminem Show was fantastic/But Encore just didn’t have the caliber to match it/I guess enough time just ain’t passed yet/A couple more years that shit’ll be Illmatic

Game – Hustlers

Album: Hip-Hop Is Dead

Lyric: « 1995, eleven years from the day
I’m in the record shop with choices to make
« Illmatic » on the top shelf, « The Chronic » on the left homie
Wanna cop both but only got a twenty on me
So fuck it, I stole both, spent the twenty on a dub sack
Ripped the package off « Illmatic » and bumped that
For my niggas it was too complex when Nas rhymed
I was the only Compton nigga with a « New York State of Mind » « 

French Montana – Hip-Hop

Mixtape: Mac & Cheese 3
Lyric: “One love, One love/I’m talkin’ Nas Illmatic with my semi-automatic”

G-Eazy – Reefer Madness

Mixtape: The Endless Summer
Lyric: “Can recite Illmatic in its entirety/’Cause growing up that album definitely inspired me”

Jay Z – A Star Is Born

Album: The Blueprint 3
Lyric: “I had the Illmatic on bootleg/The shit was so ahead, thought we was all dead”

Vic Mensa – Orange Soda

Lyric: “My youth’s unfolding before me/Be 20 before I know it/I’m trying to write my Illmatic/Get TV’s that’s panoramic”

50 Cent – Fuck You

Mixtape: Guess Who’s Back
Lyric: “I been gone through static, shot at with automatics/Since ’90, when Nas came out with Illmatic »

Childish Gambino – Hero

Mixtape: Culdesac
Lyric: “Barf on the track, be amazing and rap-furious/Damn bloggers argue on whether or not I’m serious/It’s Nas’ Illmaticnot Eddie Murphy’s Delirious

Showbiz And AG – Here And Now

Album: Mugshot Music
Lyric: “Running with cheetahs, raised with hyenas/Pen is Illmatic like my homie from Queensbridge”

The Game – The Documentary

Album: The Documentary
Lyric: “I’m Ready To Die without a Reasonable Doubt/Smoke Chronic and hit it Doggystyle before I go out/Until they sign my Death CertificateAll Eyez On Me/I’m still at it, Illmatic, and that’s The Documentary

Immortal Technique – Diabolical

Album: Revolutionary Vol. 1
Lyric: “Chemically bomb you, fuck using a chrome piece/I’m Illmatic, you won’t make it home like Jerome’s niece”

J Cole – Villematic

Mixtape: Friday Night Lights
Lyric: “It’s the feeling in the air you ’bout to drop a real classic/He said, ‘Cole, A lil’ birdy told me on the low you got anIllmatic/Nobody touching Nas nigga it’s more like Villematic’

Joey Bada$$ – World Domination

Mixtape: 1999
Lyric: “But fuck it, I’m erratic, momma lock me in the attic please/’Til I draw enough static in my somatic anatomy/And come out imputed with fusions of Blueprints and Illmatics/I’ve been going raw, this just how I feel rappin’”

Odd Future – Snow White

Rapper: Hodgy Beats
Mixtape: The OF Tape Vol 2
Lyric: « Gold chain and some J’s like Nas in Illmatic/I’m so real, I’m something to feel, peel fabric”

Kanye West – We Major

Rapper: Nas
Album: Late Registration
Lyric: “At the studio console, asked my man to the right/What this verse sound like, should I freestyle or write?/He said, ‘Nas what the fans want is IllmaticStillmatic‘/Looked at the pad and pen, fell, and jotted what I feel”

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