16 chansons Hip-Hop qui citent Spock de Star Trek

27 Fév , 2016  

En hommage à Leonard Nimoy décédé le 27 février 2015 à l’age de 83 ans.

Digable Planets – It’s Good To Be Here

“We droppin’ like a comet and this Vulcan tried to Spock it/These Martians tried to do it, but knew they couldn’t cop it”

2Pac ft Daz, Kurupt, Method Man & Redman – Got My Mind Made Up

“Avalanche on your whole camp when I’m spliff-ted/Funk Doctor, who?/Spock, bitch, don’t get it twisted”

Jay-Z – BK Anthem

“You know I’m smarter than Spock, Vulcanially more advanced/So this aluminum will foil your plans/That’s how I’m doin’ ’em man”

Isaiah Rashad – Shot U Down

“I ain’t these other niggas, ’cause these niggas is fake/They ain’t popping shot, these niggas is Papa Doc/If I ain’t let the shine beam me up, then I’m riding Spock/No crying ’til I’m in a pine box”

Smoke DZA ft Sean Price – Fuck Ya Mother

“I will rock your knot, bitch/Remain emotionless, on some Dr. Spock shit”

Wu-Tang Clan – Keep Watch

“I’m killing instrumentals with that All So Simple Can It Be, boy/Shout to Lil Cease, B.I.G., boy/And Funk Doctor Spock, I mean Redman/That’s not Leonard Nimoy”

Lil Wayne – New Orleans Maniac


“Young Money can’t die, bitch, we like Hancock/Yeah, I’m a Martian, what you saying, Spock?/I turn your beef into a ham hock”

Cam’ron – Shanghai

“Give me that, blam!/That’s when the chink had flipped/Then grabs me like Spock on some Bruce Lee shit”

Slaughterhouse – Microphone

“When I bless a joint, it’s like Spock/Came up in the spot and grabbed the beat by the pressure point/I got the Vulcan touch/I tell my bitch I’ma give up drinkin’ when she give her emotions up”

Method Man & Redman – How High Part II


“You got the, key to the city but the latch is on/I gots it locked, bringin’ the noise/Bringin’ the Funk Doctor Spock/Bringin’ my boys/Bringin’ you lungs”

Beastie Boys – So What’cha Want

“Well I’m Dr. Spock, I’m here to rock, y’all/I want you off the wall, if you’re playing the wall”

Jay-Z – Do U Wanna Ride

“Hustlers, prophets made our eyes stretch/So on some Dr. Spock shit, we started our trek”

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic Planetary

“If you try to knock me, you’ll get mocked/I’ll stir fry you in my wok/Your knees’ll start shaking and your fingers pop/Like a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock”

DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes

“I’m saying/Electromagnetic field it blocks all logic, Spock/And G-Shocks her biological clock”

Lil Wayne ft Tyga, Lil Twist & Shanell – My Weezy

“Macaroni, greens and ham hocks/I am not on your planet like Dr. Spock”

Onyx – #WakeDaFucUp

“When I speak, the hood got the ears up, Spock/And I’ma leave my mark and you gotta get hit with the Onyx”

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