15 chansons que les rappeurs n’auraient pas du sortir (Complex)

20 Juin , 2017  

Jay Z f/ Beyoncé “Hollywood” (2007)

Nicki Minaj “Massive Attack” (2010)

The LOX “If You Think I’m Jiggy” (1998)

Kanye West “Drunk and Hot Girls” (2010)

Nas « Who Killed It? » (2006)

Ms. Lauryn Hill “Consumerism” (2013)

Soulja Boy “Scarface” (2012)

Eric B. and Rakim “Chinese Arithmetic” (1987)

LL Cool J “One Shot at Love” (1989)

Ma$e f/ Puffy and 112 “Jealous Guy” (1997)

Drake “Practice” (2011)

R. Kelly f/ Ludacris and Kid Rock “Rock Star” (2007)

DMX f/ Machine Gun Kelly “I Don’t Dance” (2012)

Lil Wayne “Fuck Me in the Mosh Pit” (2010)

J. Cole “Work Out” (2011)

(Article du 11 septembre 2014)