15 chansons que les rappeurs n’auraient pas du sortir (Complex)

20 Juin , 2017  

Jay Z f/ Beyoncé “Hollywood” (2007)

Nicki Minaj “Massive Attack” (2010)

The LOX “If You Think I’m Jiggy” (1998)

Kanye West “Drunk and Hot Girls” (2010)

Nas “Who Killed It?” (2006)

Ms. Lauryn Hill “Consumerism” (2013)

Soulja Boy “Scarface” (2012)

Eric B. and Rakim “Chinese Arithmetic” (1987)

LL Cool J “One Shot at Love” (1989)

Ma$e f/ Puffy and 112 “Jealous Guy” (1997)

Drake “Practice” (2011)

R. Kelly f/ Ludacris and Kid Rock “Rock Star” (2007)

DMX f/ Machine Gun Kelly “I Don’t Dance” (2012)

Lil Wayne “Fuck Me in the Mosh Pit” (2010)

J. Cole “Work Out” (2011)

(Article du 11 septembre 2014)

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